Your Health is Our Priority

Our team of skilled nurses are dedicated to making your experience easy and pleasant.
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Primary Healthcare Services

- General Consultation
- Virtual Doctor Consultation
- Blood Pressure Test and Consultation
- Blood Cholesterol Test and Consultation
- Blood Glucose Test and Consultation
- Ear syringing and Consultation
- Iron Test and Consultation
- HIV Test and Consultation
- Removal of Stiches
- Urine Test 


Flu Vaccination
- Baby Vaccination - State and Private
- Vitamin and Immune Booster Injection

Mom and Baby

- Pre Natal Consultation
- Post Natal Consultation


Baby Clinic

- Weigh, Measure and Consultation
- Vaccination - State and Private
- Breast Feeding Consultation

Reproductive Health

- Contraception (Oral and Injection)
- Breast Examination
- Pregnancy Test
- Treatment of STD's


Wellness Screening

- Wellness Screening - Private and Medical
- Wound Management (Big and Small)